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Blavet Canal


Having a very shallow draft (0.65m), Korriganez can go up the canals once its mast folded down, offering you the possibility of discovering the Blavet canal in a 3h or full day trip.

Discover the charms and the tranquility of the canal, the functioning of the locks and the flora and fauna around the river.

You will sail from Hennebont to Pontivy, as did the barges in the 19th century to transport the mining posts to England against the coal necessary for the functioning of the forges.


In the program :
.Passing several locks upstream with the possibility of participating in helm and lock maneuvers.
Discovery of the flora and fauna of the canal
.According musical entertainment.
. Possibility of excursions in the Breton language for Breton speakers.

 Au programme 

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00:00 / 19:37

Blavet Canal (3h)

Road : Ecluse Des Gorêts n.27 (Hennebont)

at Quellenec Lock n.24 (Languidic)

Schedule: 10 am-1pm or 2:30 pm-5:30pm

Linear circuit (day)

Lock of Gorêts n.27 (Hennebont)

at Ecluse Minazen n.19 (Quistinic)

Return with our vehicle included.
Possibility of an à la carte tour

Prices :

. Adults: € 18

.Price for children <12 years: 12 €
.Free <4 years

Prices :

. Adults: € 40

50 € picnic included

.Price for children <12 years: 30 €

40 € picnic included
.Free <4 years + 10 € / meal

Roaming tour

Schedule: (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

For a duration of 3h or for the day, it is possible to go by barge (18 €) and return by kayak, bicycle or 3-seater carioles with donkeys (2h).

Prices (in addition to the barge trip):

Kayak return :

adults: € 24.40 / pers. for 1h30 - 32.50 € for 3h

- 12 years: € 15.90 / pers. for 1h30 - 21.10 € for 3h

Return bike : € 8 / pers. for 1/2 day

Cariole return :

150 € per 3-seat cariole for 2 hours - 250 € for 3 hours

Pique - nique 

Nous vous proposons des sandwichs sur réservations pour les balades à la journée en collaboration avec l'association astuce et fourchette

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