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Along the water SAS

Lock house N°27 Ar Gored.

Chemin du Halage


Phone: 06 50 56 30 36

Thank you for what you sent !

Means of access:
. Airport:
Lorient Airport (Lann Bihoué).

Arrived at Hennebont station.
(possibility to pick up at the station).

From the center of Lorient (exchange station stop) to Hennebont (Saint Piaux stop):
-Take line 14 direction Inzinzac Mané Bihan.

From Hennebont station (camp des genêts stop) to Saint Piaux stop:
-Take line 14 direction Inzinzac Mané Bihan.

Car park : 

At the bottom of rue du meunier - Facing the Canal du Blavet.

47.821576 (Latitude) / -3.259399 (Longitude)

Boarding location:

47.821389 (Latitude) / -3.263611 (Longitude)

GPS: 61 rue du meunier - 56700 Hennebont - Park   there and continue 300m to the left on the towpath following the signs "Along the water".

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