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Korriganez and its history

Korriganez    (Breton feminine from Korrigan) is a   Tjalk , ship native of the Dutch polders, equipped with two daggerboards, a large sail, a jib and a staysail.


Length : 26m HT
Width : 4.35 m.

Main mast : 18m.
Engine : 114hp.

Weight : 51 tonnes of riveted steel.




Built in North Holland, in Hoogezand, in 1907, Korriganez was used to transport goods between the Netherlands and Germany until 1958: Potatoes, wheat, peat and wood.


In 1983, its Dutch owner, Jos ten Zijthof, transformed it into a home. He practiced competitive sailing in the Groningen region, in the North of the Netherlands, from 1987 to 2009 . Korriganez has won numerous Tjalk races, including the 12th Mattenschippers Race in 2009. It was also used to transport passengers in the Dutch polders before being sold to a Breton.


Its new owners brought it back with the help of many friends via the Dutch , Belgian and French canals , but also by sea, from Le Havre to Saint-Malo and from Lorient to Port-Launay. Since June 1, 2016, Korriganez has been installed on the Blavet Canal thanks to
the call for projects launched by the Brittany Region aimed at enhancing lock keepers and developing river tourism.

This atypical vessel today sails on all Breton rivers and canals. It also performs coasting trade on the Brittany coast and takes part in numerous maritime gatherings. Since 2011, it has been classified as a boat of heritage interest .                                       




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